paranormal romance


Bella Night loves spicy romance, wine & a good supernatural twist. Her new paranormal romance series, Crescent City Wolves releases Fall of 2019. Stay tuned for this 6 book series that will deliver swoon-worthy romance and action, cloaked in the mysterious world of vampires, witches and werewolves. 

Perfect for fans of series like The Vampire Diaries and Twilight.

(Best suited for 18 and up.)

Paranormal Romance

Greyson West never wanted to join the hunt, but the death of one brother forces him to take the oath in order to protect another. Bound to the dangerous pack of shifters hell-bent on murdering humans, Grey plays his part until he meets, Etti, a smart-mouthed tattoo artist with a dark family secret.

When a dangerous encounter brings them together, their attraction is instant. Etti’s instinct to trust the sexy shifter saves her life, but now they find themselves both on the run. The hunt’s Alpha is determined to make Grey pay for breaking his oath. Their only chance of escape lies with Etti’s family, but even they can’t be trusted.

Together, they face the fight of their lives as the hunt closes in. Is their love strong enough to survive? Or will the hunt win?

BOUND BY BLOOD - Paranormal Romance

The Royal Alpha Wolves Club was an ancient organization formed to protect werewolves and the secrets of their species. They have chapters all over the world that offer safe houses for wolves in need and rules to keep local packs in line.

The Lazy Moon is the Club’s headquarters in the Louisiana territory. It was supposed to be a safe place for all shifters. But one new law has just turned it into a war zone. And Dorian has seen enough bloodshed.

Meet Dorian Calhoun—Royal alpha shifter for hire with a taste for forbidden love. As the lone survivor of a brutal betrayal that left him without a pack, Dorian is now the last of his name. He tries to leave his white knight ways behind, drowning his pain by taking high stakes hit contracts. But no matter how far Dorian runs, something always draws him back home.

Make that someone—Lexy Bishop, the girl of his dreams. But their love can never be, not when it was her father who murdered Dorian’s pack. When the council sworn to protect the royal bloodlines lays down a law that demands Dorian find a mate, he has a choice to make.

Love or revenge?

4 books. 4 authors. 4 alphas. 1 shared world.
Bella Night – Bound by Blood (Book 1: Dorian’s story)
R.J. Lloyd – Heir to Redemption (Book 2: Alec’s story)
Catherine Stine – Alpha’s Revenge (Book 3: Wayland’s story)
M.R. Polish – Savage Vengeance (Book 4: Tobias’s story)